Embedded. Wall safe
belonging to a businessman,
filled with solid bronze. The
piece remains at his home.
This person has no links with
contemporary art, and no
information about the owner of
the piece will ever be disclosed.

Carte blanche. DINA4 size
paper obtained from the wood
of a tree placed in a public area
in a European city.

It. Oil on linen.

Internal Component of an
Electrical Appliance of the
House of an Art Center
Director Replaced by a Solid
Gold Replica with the Funds
of the Center He Directs.
grand finale
The Grand Finale. Bank Loan
Granted to an Art Gallery Used
to Pay a Firework Display at the
Closing Ceremony of Art Basel
Miami Beach 2009.

L-shaped hooks
L-Shaped Hooks in Solid
Gold for Hanging Works of
. The Golden Hooks are
Hidden by the Works of Art
they Support.

Exhibition Room Functioning
as any Other Day During the
Official Opening of the Space.
Attachment. Stuffed Bull´s
head turned 180º and
embedded in a wall of a house.
Booked The Movie
Booked The Movie. All The
Tickets for the Saturday´s
Number One Ranked Film at
10 pm Were Bought with Public
Money so that Nobody Could
Watch the Film.

On a Working Day,
All the Tickets for the 7:00 am
Bus from Bilbao to Madrid
Were Purchased with Public
Money so that the Bus Would
Complete its Route Empty.

Public Money Spent Buying Books by Bakunin
3000 Euro of Public Money
Spent Buying Books by
Bakunin in Order to Burn
Them in a Public Square.
Tip. The inspector of the Line 1
Hamburg U-Bahn Was Paid
With Public Money the Amount
Corresponding to the Fine
Imposed for Travelling Without
a Ticket Plus and Extra 10% of
the Sanction with which he was
presented as an economic
noise to noise
Contribution of Noise to
A Violinist played
Mozart´s Kleine Nacht Musik
First Movement in the Busiest
Street in Hamburg at Rush

Contribution of Watchfulness
to Prado Museum.
the Watcher of Room 39.

After Sherrie Levine after
Walker Evans
. Cutting out
Photographies of Sherrie
Levine´s Works from Books in
the Public Library.

Contribution of Free Work
for Burger King Corporation.

Tables Located in a Burger
King Restaurant Were Cleaned
Without any Remuneration
Being Paid.

Contribution of Free Work for
Deutsche Bank Group.

Glasses of a Deutsche Bank
Branch Were Cleaned Without
any Remuneration Being Paid.

Contribution of Free Work for
Gucci Group.
The Vitrines of a
Gucci Boutique Were Cleaned
Without any Remuneration
Being Paid.


material contribution
Material Contribution to the
Five Kilos of Bronze
were Added onto the Statue of
Lehendakari Aguirre.